Is it really about whats on the tag?

Destiny Caton

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Working in retail you meet so many people from different backgrounds , shapes and sizes. Thats one reason why here at Mis Match we love what we do. Typically one of the first questions you're asked when walking into the fitting room or even in the clothing section is "Do you think I'm a small in this" or "Do you think this is too big." They expect my response to be that it's to small or too big , or maybe it's not for them or that its perfect for them. But really my response is "Well , are you...

The 6 MUST HAVEs for Autumn

Crystal Oxendine

Because we love you and friends don't let friends not be informed of everything fashion, we have put together a list of the 6 must haves for autumn. You'll thank me later! 1. The Fall Tunic Dress  Of course there's a such thing as a fall dress! This dress is perfect for all outings and did we mention how comfy it is?  2. Vests   Vest are perfect for fall weather because they allow you to layer up without getting too hot on those warm fall days.  3. Scarves    Two words: Blanket. Scarf. Trust me you don't want to be without...

Who, What, WEAR

Crystal Oxendine

Who: The motivator     What: A day in the office   WEAR:   Pair our adorable pink blazer with just about anything for the ultimate stylish business outfit. Who: The social butterfly     What: Girls night out      WEAR: This adorable flowy strapless summer dress is perfect for a night out with girls!           Who: The dancing queen                          What: Summer Wedding                                      WEAR: This baby doll dress if...

Our First Blog Post :)

Crystal Oxendine

This is where our stores' blog will feature! We will use it to talk about new product launches, experiences, fashion tips, upcoming events and exciting news! Check back often and thanks for visiting! :)XOXO, MM